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StoryProject RE from its very conception was created with love for real wood, natural materials and the warmth of crackling wood in the fireplace. Our dream is to create a space in which even the most over worked and tired of every day chores can find peace and respite.

RE discover your self

RE modular house is a place where you can slow dawn, rest and feel at peace. Our Houses are dedicated to people that got caught up in the brisk pace of life and now want to RE discover their once lost passions and dreams

The story of wooden planks

Our modular homes are made with aged planks, hardened by the elements and the unrelenting passage of time. Its place of origin are old mills, breweries and barns coming from the Lublin region where they have taken on their own character and story. It is that very wood that gives the insides of our modular houses its unique and life friendly climate.

Create a place where you can RE discover your



real me

Step by step

Put down your modular house

  • 1. Discussing your preferences
  • 2. Creation of the personalized offer
  • 3. Grounds preparation
  • 4. ReDiscover house assembly

We will adjust the offer to your needs! Every one has a different idea of an ideal home. Listening to your expectations is an important starting point for further actions, because we want to tailor the offer to your needs. At this stage, we share our experience in the industry with you and propose the most optimal solutions.

After discussing the key issues, we will prepare an offer specifically tailored to your needs. Then we present the individual stages of the execution of the contract and sign the aforementioned contract. You can customize the interior by picking from our priced in variants : 2 bedrooms plus a living area or 1 open bedroom, the colors of the floors, the colors of the upholstery on the couch, the headrest and the facade. Our offer also includes the construction of two terraces that do not fall into the built-up area.

After a technician visits the construction site, you will receive guidelines for the foundation of the house. With our support, the grounds will be comprehensively adapted to the construction requirements. RE houses are designed in such a way that they can be easily placed in the location chosen by the client – regardless if it’s the city suburbs or a plot of land in the Bieszczady Mountains.

The final step is the transportation of the house components to any place of your choosing in the country. After arranging and assembling the house, we also offer connecting to the utilities.


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The presentation includes:
‣ RE discover history
‣ Description of the basic elements of the facility
‣ Information on heating and home furnishings
‣ A special offer
‣ Technical description of the house structure
‣ Detailed scope of services

Extended offer

Additional services

We are happy to support you in preparing everything necessary for the arrival of your new home!

Local technician visit at the construction site

We will commission a professional analysis of the land intended for the construction of the house.

Utilities connection

We will connect electric heating (underfloor heating in the bathroom, radiant heaters with a controller with a thermostat and electric panel heaters that can be controlled via a mobile application) and also day air conditioning.

Screed or piling (foundations)

At your request, we will prepare a suitable foundation for the house, which will enable further construction work.

Formal notification

We will take care of the legal side of the building project.

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B2B offer

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you planning to implement a larger investment with the use of modular houses?

Contact us and find out about the details of our business offer!

RE Modular houses are distinguished from other prefabricated houses by the speed and ease of installation, while maintaining a high-quality finish. This solution is perfect for implementing larger investments in a short time.

The wooden structure of our houses is complemented by modern technologies. Large aluminum windows, doors with the HST system, underfloor heating in the bathroom – these are just some elements ensuring high comfort of use. We provide favorable financing conditions and comprehensive support at every stage of cooperation. Call us, and we will provide you with detailed information!

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